Arleen Joseph, NYC Abstract Painter

Arleen Joseph

“The transformational journey is a voyage through the soul of my paintings, mountains of my ideals and winds of change. It’s the process of surrendering to the descent and rebirth of each painting while building upon layers of paint and history as I travel through each work, comfortable with the uncertainty of my journey.”

– Arleen Joseph

Arleen Joseph is a native New Yorker who, since childhood, has known that she wanted to be involved in the arts. After graduating from the High School of Art & Design, she earned her degree in Fashion Design from Parsons The New School for Design. Her career in fashion covered more than 20 years during which she worked as the Head Designer for many of the major ‘better’ dress firms in the industry. It was a busy time, juggling family life with twice yearly business trips to Paris & London for design inspiration, as well as making personal appearances at Lord & Taylor and other department stores in the U.S.

Once she decided to leave the world of Fashion, Arleen searched for ways to continue her artistic expression. Oil painting became her passion. Arleen has applied her experience with colors, proportions  and texture to her canvases. It was an easy transition after having been surrounded by textiles and color for most of her adult life. She has found her own voice in abstract landscapes that are complex with sophisticated coloration and subtle texturing that has a distinct tactile quality.

She spends summers in the hills of central Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende and paints in oils in the studio. In New York she continues to painting in her NYC studio.

“I am beginning to understand what it is to paint. A painter should have two lives, one in which to learn, and one in which to practice his art.”

–Pierre Bonnard